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Flawlessly manage clearing and settlement for data roaming transactions.

Syniverse Clearing and Settlement gives mobile operators a robust set of cloud applications to manage roaming from data collection over clearing and settlement to cash.

Our solution consists of a robust set of cloud applications designed to automate and optimize all workflows needed to address the day-to-day demands of running a roaming business. And it delivers operational excellence, compliance, data privacy, financial optimization and connection to the international roaming community.

It's all to ensure you securely exchange data between multiple parties, so you can concentrate on adding value to your business beyond the day-to-day.

For more technical details, download our Clearing and Settlement reference architecture.

Dependable Monetization
3.4 million invoices processed annually.
Highly Trusted
65% market share in data clearing.
Scalable Efficiency
263 billion records processed each year.
Fewer disputes and faster settlement.

Data quality and accuracy is second to none. Managed through workflows refined over a 30-year period, Clearing and Settlement brings unrivaled efficiency to the operation of your roaming business.

80% of all roaming traffic handled.

Improve customer experience.

Our intuitive platform gives you access to a comprehensive range of insights—analytics at your fingertips to boost operational performance and implement decisions based on best practices.

65% of the mobile roaming market chooses Syniverse.

Optimize cash flow.

Our unique multilateral settlement pool ensures that you keep the maximum amount of funds in your home account to limit your cost of borrowing and increase your working capital.

$15 billion cleared and settled annually.

Unrivaled expertise in roaming.

With Syniverse, your roaming business is in expert hands. Our impeccable performance record stands for itself, and it has for decades. Which is why hundreds of customers rely on us for fully established compliance and operational excellence.

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