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Unparalleled protection for your mobile connectivity.

Security is at our core. That’s why we built a global network to bypass threats from the public internet. So you can trust that your customers and your business are protected when they’re connected.

Selected Customers

Security Damage Devastates
Cybercrime costs can destroy your annual bottom line.
Danger Ahead for IoT
A vast majority of security pros say IoT’s future will be scarier not smarter.
Protecting IoT Will Be Costly
By 2021, to stay ahead, businesses are expected to spend billions.
Securely connect and protect devices anywhere on Earth.

Our suite of mobile security solutions provide secure connectivity with the reach of mobile, the flexibility of software-defined networks, and the security of a private network.

That empowers you to offer customers wireless and cloud connectivity access for enterprise and IoT applications. And it’s all backed by our extensive knowledge and expertise in the next evolution of network security.

Gain exclusive access to an unmatched private network and innovative resources.

Syniverse Secure Global Access is our private, members-only network that shields your connections from the threat of the public internet. And with Secure Global Access you can connect and access applications in the cloud, enhance network security and segregation, and benefit from DDoS protection.

All so you can drive growth in cloud, cyber security and IoT solutions. And when you work with us, you can leverage the Syniverse Customer Experience Center and Innovation Lab to rapidly drive demo and pilot opportunities.

Secure trust in your brand. 

Faulty data results in poor results. With Syniverse Identity and Authentication, you’re operating with pristine, precise information about your customers, protecting them across the entire mobile experience while securing trust in your brand. Manage consent, monitor interaction and stop fraud before it starts—keeping your business and your customer information protected. 

Industry Solutions

Every industry faces unique challenges, and Syniverse can provide the right set of tools to tackle them. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us for a custom solution.

  • Banks have a unique opportunity to build a relationship of trust with their customers. And with our right-party verification solution, we help you keep a watchful eye. Prevent fraud in real-time by identifying and flagging customer contact data that looks suspicious by comparing it to trusted third-party data sources.

  • Asset tracking and management not only prevents theft, loss, and damage, but is also essential to meeting compliance and industry standard regulations. Tracking assets with real-time data contributes to an improved bottom line, and IoT devices and systems make asset tracking more accurate and reliable than ever before. Syniverse can provide global cellular connectivity, real-time secure device authentication, secure device provisioning and secure network connectivity so not only do your assets go where they need to, but you know where they are at all times.

  • As a retailer, you always want to ensure that the right marketing message reaches the right customer. That way you increase the effectiveness of your mobile campaigns across your customer’s journey. We’ll help you do just that by verifying your existing customer information and keeping your mobile contact data updated—so that your campaigns drive action with the right audience, every time.

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We're available to answer and discuss product details.
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