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A significant Asian provider grows its data users by 18%.
A significant Asian provider grows its data users by 18%. search
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Customer Success Story

A significant Asian provider grows its data users by 18%.

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A major communications provider needed a partner who could identify new growth opportunities and deliver more revenue. Specifically, the customer needed help identifying silent roamers and determining the best way to engage them with compelling offers. The provider needed to move fast—it knew that development in-house would take too long, and was looking for a company with a more agile approach.


We built a strategic plan for the operator, prioritizing two key paths forward, both built on our Campaign Determination product. First, we delivered laser focused segmentation by offering a solution that stores subscriber data to enable more granular analysis. We then targeted the segmentation and campaign definition with implementation and performance tracking.


We partnered with our client to find and activate more silent roamers—in record time. Responding to the need for an agile rollout, we wrapped up implementation within six weeks. And the results surpassed the provider’s expectations: Just three months after we’d kicked off, the provider was already seeing an 18 percent increase in active data users

Bottom Line

The market for silent roamers is $6 billion. That’s an opportunity to grow revenues—and to do it with customer experiences that will build loyalty. At Syniverse, we have the tools and expertise to lead communications providers through these transformations at lightning speed.