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Drive the evolution of mobile messaging

Deliver a richer experience that combines the expanded capabilities of an app with the anytime, anywhere, global reach of SMS messaging.

Syniverse Rich Communication Services (RCS)

By delivering expanded capabilities beyond SMS, RCS brings features that go above and beyond what is offered by other messaging apps. Group chats, video, audio, and high-resolution images all look and function like iMessage and other rich messaging apps, while facilitating read receipts and real-time viewing when someone is replying to your message.

Operators looking to improve customer experience and create new revenue streams while gaining an edge on OTT messaging applications and recovering and protecting lost messaging revenues can immediately benefit from RCS and its expanded capabilities.

The adoption of RCS will depend heavily on several factors including unmatched global reach, coverage, security, and pricing. Syniverse is strategically positioned to help operators take full advantage of RCS interworking by offering core functions designed to connect their subscribers quickly and efficiently on a global scale.

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RCS P2P Interconnect

Designed to provide a single access point for all RCS P2P entering or leaving an operator’s network for inter-network communication with other operators directly connected to the Syniverse platform or through peering arrangements, RCS hub core functions include:

  • IMS Exchange
  • Global ENUM
  • Reporting
Syniverse: 30+ years in the mobile industry

We provide reach and connectivity to nearly every mobile device and channel to ensure that you’re sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Send text or rich content to customers on the only channel that has an open rate of nearly 100%
Provide rich, interactive engagements that drive and integrate commerce-type experiences
Use geotargeting to deliver timely, effective alerts that are quickly viewed and accessible from home screen
Transform printed coupons, loyalty cards and passes into digital, dynamic content that is easily accessed and redeemed
Enable two-way communication in real time across multiple mobile channels, either with live service agents or automated chatbots
Build voice callback functionality into your existing web or mobile application

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